Oracle - Click activity failing

HI All,

I am having issues with the Click Activity with Oracle interactions e.g. ‘Main Menu’

I have attempted with Delay, Simulateclick, Recording and Retry Scope. I have a solid selector and UIPath recognizes and attempts to click onto the element but does not fully click so the next action fails.

Click ‘ENE Project Administration’ - From ‘Main Menu’
html title =‘Oracle Applications Home page’
webctrl tag=‘A’ aaname=‘ENE Project Administration’

Please kindly assist.

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Kindly select the name alone as a element and not the whole field
Like choose the name ENE Project Administration alone as a element
That would work for sure
To check this up use HIGHLIGHT activity with the same name alone been chosen as element which would highlight that element and then followed by that use CLICK activity with the same element by choosing the name alone which would click that name for sure

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @chend

In some systems I have to use double click instead of a single click to get the click to ‘register’. you might want to try that?

Hi Palaniyappan,

Thank you for the suggestion, it did create an accurate selector by only having the ENE Project Administration aaname only. However, it did not complete the click action (physically) but the robot accepted as completed action.

Thank you @Palaniyappan


Thank you for the suggestion. In my case, it did not work with double click either.

Does it work when you untick simulate click?

Thank you for all suggestions. I finally found a solution:
@Palaniyappan used your aaname only selector type
@CBlanchard used the simulate click
with a find element anchor and clicked on the expand element


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