Oracle Automation Best Practices & Feedback

Dear all,

I’m trying to collect a list of best practices on Java based Oracle automation. Please answer using a similar format:


  • Load times for Oracle Java based apps take very long: build a while on a element appear or similar loop breaking, decision. Exit from loop x time
  • Some activities on tool will not work (type into for example): used keyboard automations (without selectors)
  • Java extension to be installed in UI Studio
  • UiExplorer / selectors: good understanding of this tool is a must. Frames must be handled (as they are variable) and eliminated from selector. Go by name of frame and name of field/ role
  • In navigators you cannot find selectors. Click text or similar activity is used.
  • Built exception handling on steps that open panes/ frames as sometimes app is not responsive and re-try is necessary

What does not work:

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