Oracle Application - I am Trying to Fill an Oracle Form Using an Excel File

I am trying to create a Workflow which copies data from an Excel into an Oracle Fusion Form . I am enclosing my Workflow below . I am getting certain issues.

The workflow says Identifier Expected .


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Remove the dot (.) after row @Vrinda1991

it shoulf be row("business relationship).tostring :slight_smile:

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welcome to uipath community
–you were almost done
it should be like
row(“Business Relationship”).ToString

–make sure that Simulate Type, Clickbeforetyping,EmptyField property in the property panel of Type into activity is enabled
–and also the java extension is installed

hope this would help you
Cheers @Vrinda1991

Do we need to use Anchor Method as the screen in which I need to add this looks like this .


Use for each row activity instead of for each @Vrinda1991

Thanks ,

There is one constraint that I am facing . In my application form there is a drop down . I need to select any of 1 of the multiple values in it as stored in the File . How can I resolve this issue .


we can use SELECT ITEM activity

Cheers @Vrinda1991

Use click activity to click on the drop down and then select item activity to select the item in drop down @Vrinda1991

Sometimes, using select item alone will work

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It is not working accurately .

Anything else that we can use

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After click activity, you need to use select item activity @Vrinda1991

The thing we have used click activity instead of select item activity
–if we have used select item activity and select that drop down as element we would be able to choose the one from the drop by just mentioning it as input either as value or as variable in the select item activity itself
–and we wont be in need of type into activity

no worries
kindly try once with select item and select the drop down list as element and click on that drop down we can use F3 to pause for three seconds and mean while we can click on the drop down arrow and once after that three seconds gets over we can click on the drop down list as a element for select item activity

Cheers @Vrinda1991

Hi ,

I am trying to select one of the values from the drop down in Business Relationship .

The Select Item did not work as the Supplier value needs to pick up value randomly from andy of these two values .

Can we think of a better way of doing this .


This will work @Vrinda1991

Are you getting the error still?>


Yes this is still not resolved .


As per the above screenshot, you are getting it in a pop up. So, use attach window and recognize the pop up in the attach window activity. then place the click and select activities within that @Vrinda1991

Please check this once