Options for triggering processes programmatically without internet access

When writing my integration for UiPath I’ve come across an important stumbling block: It’s possible that the machine my processes will be running on may not have internet access, just connection to the server my application is running on. Obviously this means that it won’t have access to the Orchestrator cloud platform, if it did then I’d just use the API.

I’ve had a look into some other ideas, maybe dynamically adding tasks to Windows Task Scheduler or somehow execution processes over command line, but I’d appreciate some advice.

Essentially, what options are there for dynamically triggering and/or scheduling processes on a remote machine without using Orchestrator?

Hi @Jonny_Rogers

yes of course we can trigger a bot by calling .bat file from the command prompt but we need to make sure that you are installed with uipath studio where we are trying to execute the process. Kindly have a view on this to get more insights about this

Cheers @Jonny_Rogers

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Ah thanks very much, this’ll be very useful

Cheers @Jonny_Rogers

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