Options for running in system with fake datetime set

Exec summary. I have a windows application that needs to have the system date set back a few years. Im running UIpath 2020.3.0 Community License, but run into an issue with UIpath not allow it to debug or run when the date is set back “A local license is required”

What is the best way forward while allowing me to run the system back dated. I have the ability to change the system time to the current datetime but will need to set it back to 2019 once I start actual debugging/running of my sequences.

Things I’ve tried:
I have tried the Add License Key do some sort of offline license, but I’m totally lost. Nothing seems to point me to something that works. I received a License Key and plugged it in to a website that seems broken: support.uipath/activation

I’ve also tried launching UiPath with the button “Community License, Start free” but only get an error, “It seems you are tying to use a license before its start date.”

If i go back to the correct date time, we are good, it runs, but after switching back the date to 2019 UiPath immediately becomes unusable.


Thank you,