Option to remove all commented out activities

Hi Team,

In studio Like how we have an option to remove unused

  1. Workflow
  2. Variables
  3. Arguments
  4. Dependencies
  5. Imports
  6. Screenshots
  • it would be great if we can have an option for Commented out activities in file level and in project level

Because as per best practice of coding, a block of code can have Comments (like notes) but not commented out portions

Recently when I developed a project I kept a lot of commented out activities which were useful for me while debugging but while deploying to PROD when I tried to delete them it took more than 15 mins to delete them one by one across workflows

So I was looking for an option to delete them with just one click

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@Palaniyappan - It’s a really good suggestion and I echo the difficulties faced during peer and code review.

More interesting when you open the same process for bug fix after production releases it becomes really really difficult that which block was previously commented now…

SO there should be options like Remove Commented Block…


You have my vote.

If I walk through some code reviews of my less experienced team members it’s sometimes a whole mess of test workflows, code snuippets and unused variables…

As long as it is… controllable.
You might not want to bluntly delete commented blocks, but at least identify them swiftly.
A followup action to either re-enable them instead of deleting. (because disabling an activity also nests whole sequences in a comment block. So an sequence, temporary disabled for debugging which should be kept instead of deleted would be at risk)

Same with workflows… Identifying all unused workflows… yes please. Deleting them… well… I rather do that manually just to be sure :slight_smile:

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