Option to create dummy data

When turning on new tenants or setting up existing tenants, UiPath injects dummy data:

  • Examples of Ideas
  • Example category’s

This should be an option that admins can select to intentionally create, vs creating automatically. It’s a pain point to have to go through and clean up/delete all of this dummy data.

Hi @georgekoch3 . Appreciate the feedback. We have several options for solving this:

  • Giving the admin the possibility to choose to start without dummy data - we are looking to change the overall onboarding flow and we can address this need directly there (with a set of optoions like: start from scratch, start from our default templates).
  • We could have also an option to wipe the dummy data in only one click

We will have a look at both the above and figure a plan for implementing them in the future. Thank you!

Either/both of those are exciting to hear as options. Thanks!