Option to create complex datatypes



I find it very helpful to have the possibility to create complex datatypes (object orientation) . For example I create an object person which have the following fields: firstName from type string, lastName from type String, age from type int, etc. When I invoke an existing workflow it is now easier and quicker to deliver the needed variables, because in this example you have all your information in the object person. In this object is only your input for this workflow.
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Project Level Variable

I guess that’s +1 for Entity model, @badita ? :wink:

BTW - is it planned for a release?


That’s what I need as well.
Also an enum while invoking xamls would be great.
This would ensure that only specific values are passed as arguments.


It won’t be in 2017.1. :pensive: Q4.


Hello, same issue here.

I want to make some SELECT + SUM + GROUP BY on a datatable, and I need to put results in an IEnumerable, using LINQ.

So creating IEnumerable object is OK, Select is OK, but For Each cannot work properly because item cannot recognize the object.

Our need is very simple : be able to create a simple class, to put our Select datarow inside, and play with it later with a for each.

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Convert IEnumerable to DataTable.xaml (13,6 Ko)
SmallTests CSV.xaml (10,8 Ko)
Hi !

After further searches over the internet, I’ve found this : https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/dal/2009/04/08/how-to-convert-an-ienumerable-to-a-datatable-in-the-same-way-as-we-use-tolist-or-toarray/

And I create Convert IEnumerable to DataTable UiPath script.

On this small test, we can now use LINQ, to create an IEnumerable Object, and the script will convert it again to a DataTable.

It’s dirty but it works :slight_smile:
Now we can play more seriously with UiPath :wink:

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