Option to choose variables at the time of removing unused variables

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It would be good if you can provide an option to choosing the variables to delete instead of deleting all variables at the time of removing unused variables.




Hi @lakshman ,

I agree, it would be great if there was a list of unused variables with checkboxes next to them which we can select/deselect in order to delete/keep the variables.

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Ashwin A.K


Because it is soooo usefull to keep some of them?



Hehe sorry for my sarcastic rmark before. But I really can’t see why.
The whole idea of that feature is to clean up your code before publishing/using it. If you do not use a variable it is waste, pure and simple. If there is some hypothetical use for it in the possible future, you should declare it then and not waste space in any form. If you are still developing and pre-built some variables for the next step, don’t clean yet.

All it does is making your code less managable, even by just a tiny bit.


Sometimes there could be a chance like variable created but forgot to use in our process. It would be good if we have such an option. So that we can select unnecessary variables only and then remove it.

Well lets agree to disagree… because if your scenario is a common scenario to you, you’d have not one but at least two points in your workflow where the variable isn’t used. One where something is put in the variable, one where it is read again for later use. If that is not the case, or if you didn’t miss it by then because of some error / functionality not working, you either don’t need the variable or your activities are broken. This cleaning tool is for sweeping up everything ‘after’ everyting is working poperly.

To use the cleaning of variables to test your workflow is like using a frying pan as a hammer. Can you hammer down a nail with it? I guess you can, but it’s not the designed tool for it isn’t it? Lets not redesign my cooking gear so that you can use it for a hammer. Just get a hammer.

You probably still won’t agree with me, but I’ll let it rest from here on :wink: Happy hammering…


Earlier it won’t show any pop-up with deleted variable names after clicking Remove Unused variables. It got added recently and if they add this choosing option also then it adds more value to it.

I am thinking this feature will be very helpful to us. Let’s wait for others opinion also.

Thanks all for feedback. Will track it for future improvement in the remove unused section.

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Thanks @alexandru for considering my feedback.