Option stricts on disallows late binding

Hi Forum,I have been working in ml skills i have to change extract value from an object to string but the error is showing may i know what is the issue

can you show us the configured datatype of the
JsonObject variable?
PredictedClass variable

JsonObject - JObject
PredictedClass - String

also try: JsonObject("Predicted Class").Value(Of String)

ensure folowing:
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as seen in your other screenshot:
JsonObject - JObject

check your datatatype setting from Object to JObject

Check and adapt:

check afterwards also and correct:

Your XAML:

Correct to:

As you see finally: Validations issues are gone:

May i know why we are using value(of string) instead of. Tostring just want to know for learning purpose @ppr

have a look here:

A Json
Parsed to a JObject

is defining different values: Date, double, string

with the Value(Of TheDataType) we can direct return the value within the specified datatype and do not need additional conversions

For sure it will only work, when the value is convertable

as it should work and questions are answered, the topic could be closed, right?

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