Option Stricts on Disallows Late Binding Integer

Hi everyone,

I got that error. “Option Stricts on Disallows Late Binding”

But my variables has the same type. Why am i get this error. Is anyone know that?

by the way, with this code i am trying to find how many row have this column.

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count gives us already a int32 variable buddy
so dont need to use Convert.ToInt32, remove it and keep the remaining expression
you are almost done

Cheers @mazlumkacar

i did it but i am getting exactly same error:(

aah got it
the expression is having some syntax error
if we want to know the row count
the expression is like this
may i know your requirement on getting that count
Cheers @mazlumkacar

Thanks a lot. But i want to count a spesific row. i want to count the eighth row. That is why i am doing that like this

And sure i can tell you. İ need to copy the last cell of the eighth column. That is why i am trying to count it:( İf you know that how i can do it. You may directly solve my problem friend:d

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to get the last cell and eight column value then the expression is
for column index it starts with 0 for the first column

this would give you the value of that column and that cell

Cheers @mazlumkacar

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For using this function, you can write it like
X= convert.toint32(datatable.rows.count.tostring)
Converting to string and then converting works


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