Optimizing UiPath Orchestrator Infrastructure: Seeking Insights & Best Practices

Hi everyone,

I’m working on optimizing our organization’s UiPath Orchestrator server setup and would appreciate your insights.

  1. What are the essential routine checks for UiPath Orchestrator server administration to prevent issues?

  2. Which metrics and logs are most crucial for monitoring Orchestrators health and performance, and which ones are less important?

  3. When configuring Event Viewer for UiPath Orchestrator, which events should we prioritize for alerts?

  4. Can you share any proactive steps or best practices for maintaining Orchestrator health, including performance optimization, redundancy plans, security protocols, or maintenance routines?

Any feedback would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.

  1. SSL certificate expiry, Azure/AWS app registrations for AD SSO
  2. Server CPU,RAM,HDD
  3. Annual upgrades to new UiPath version

Thank you, @Keegan_Kosasih, for your insights. Your advice is greatly appreciated.