Optimize your robot

Hello everyone,

I want to optimize my robot by reducing process time. What is the fastest activity, ‘send a hotkey’ or ‘click’?

And do you have any other tips to optimize the robot?

Thank you !

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Hi @mateo.drouillard

you can use simulate option checked while interacting with ui elements.


If shortcuts are available then use Send Hotkey activity as it faster than Ui interaction.

And also @shreyash_shirbhate said, check SimulateType or SendWindowMessage properties if activity has option. It will increase the performance.

Along with that follow below steps too.

  1. Avoid Nested IF conditions instead use Switch case.

  2. Use Partial Selectors instead of full selectors.


Hello @mateo.drouillard ,

It depends on the usecase. If you are absolutely sure about the selectors, you can use click activity with simulate click enabled. But in case of citrix environment it is more reliable to use send hotkeys.

About optimising processes, you can check the below points:

  1. If no ui interaction is required, use background processes.
  2. Try to avoid hardcoded delays as much as possible. If you think a particular screen might take some time to load, use timeout instead of delays.
  3. Use linq instead of looping incase or larger set of data.
  4. Use simulate type/click etc.


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Hey @mateo.drouillard

It depends.

Kindly explain your process once to suhgest what can be best approach. Also you need to explain the process points at which it is actually behaving slower.


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