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I am doing some calculation and after this inserting one column and inserting new calculated value in this column.In my excel sheet 17000 record.Now I am inserting one calculated value in each 17000 column.But this execution take to much time.I am executing this from last 13 hours.It still showing me I have dome 5000 records.
Can can one suggest me how it make little fast.

So you mean like you have totally 17000 columns been inserted with calculated values
Kindly correct me if I am wrong with the question
Cheers @Aditya10989

17000 rows yesterday when I left from office I execute this and today I checked it done only 4000 record in almost 14 hr and now I stop the execution and try to execute it again and after 5 minutes I stop the execution I saw 150 records are done.
I don’t know it may be reason window lock…?
or it will slow after 1000 records…?


@Manish540 can you help me on this…?

@Aditya10989 you can upload your file to database and do the updating, suming operations in the database.
It will be faster…

Thank You :smiley:

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I need to add all functionality in existing excel sheet.

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Try to do those calculation in a datatable and in the end you can past all the datatable on excel sheet.

actually that would work faster with excel activities itself
may i know the sequence of activities been used
Cheers @Aditya10989

yes in excel sheet I have 3 lakh record I removed record which is zero value then I left 18 thousand record.Now I am doing calculation and insert record in create new column some code I mentioned in attachment