OpenText Host Explorer 15.0 - Connections

How to connect UiPath terminal Activities to OpenText Host Explorer 15.0

Working Connections:

# UiPath Provider Interface type DLL File Location EHLL Enhanced? Basic Mode? Additional Configuration Comments
1 IBM EHLLAPI Standard EHLL C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenText HostExplorer 15 SP1 x86\EHLLAP32.DLL No No
2 IBM EHLLAPI Standard EHLL, Basic Mode C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenText HostExplorer 15 SP1 x86\EHLLAP32.DLL No Yes
  • High Performance (speed)
  • Get Field, Set Field Activities are unavailable.

Important Notes:

Enabling or checking that the HLLAPI is actually enabled and Short Session name is set to 'A' -

  1. From HostExplorer select File > Save Session Profile.

  2. In the Save Profile dialog, check that HLLAPI Short Name is set to the uppercase letter A.

  3. From the main menu, select Options > API Settings.

  4. In the API Global Settings dialog box, select the Update Screen After PS Update and Auto Sync options and click OK.


  1. Select Options > Edit Session Profile.

  2. Select Terminal > API

  3. Select A as the session short name and click OK.

  4. Save the session profile.