Opening the same Excel File twice in the same workflow

Hello Team,

Below is the workflow that am working on but the challenge I am having it opening up two excel files and I have failed to spot the error.


Those are my use application properties.

Kindly advice

Best Regards,
Kakooza Allan Klaus

Hello Klaus,

I cannot maximize picture, but it seems that you want to open second excel in the first excel scope?

I would suggest to 2 separate excel scopes for each excel document

you can save them to 2 separate workbooks


Later you will have much control over manipulating those workbooks (moving to datatable etc.)

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Hi @Kakooza-Allan-Klaus,

You should be able to do that.

Once you are in an excel application scope for first and is done with all what you need to do, outside its scope, use another excel scope and open another file and start adding activities that you need to do for second one.

You can even include it in each another like below:


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Thank you @sonaliaggarwal47

I managed to sort it out