Opening PDF in Directory

I am trying to open each pdf in a directory and print. Any suggestions?

Here we go.

  • assign files =Directory.GetFiles(“Directory path”)
  • For each to iterate through all the files inside the folder
  • Start process to open each pdf
  • Send Hotkey (ctl+p) to print.

printPDF.xaml (9.7 KB)

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You are the man @ddpadil

i wan to just open every pdf file for screen scraping. i need three data from each pdf file.(invoice number, invoice receiver and sum). Which hot key can i use to open each pdf file??
i thank you already.

Thank all i found it

@sjawadaf could you please share the xaml file. Thank in advance

Main.xaml (14.0 KB)

i have problem with data base connection. Do you have any suggestion?

in your shared xaml file not finding any activities related to scraping data from each pdf. I’m currently seeing only opening file and printing details. can you please share the complete folder may be zipped one. do you have skype_id? Thanks in advance

sorry, so far, I have not tried this feature.

i am working on it, the robot cannot recognize the elements. It delivers wrong value from other element of the PDF, when i finished it i will upload it. i will provide you my skype_id.

@sjawadaf, i got some solution for read elements from pdf, let me know you need any help Thanks

hi, i it will be helpful if you upload your file here.
you can contact me:

hi, i am waiting for your uploads :sunglasses::sunglasses:

sure, pls upload your pdf doc,

@karunakart ,
i tried to get the desired resutl, but it doesnt work.
It depends exactly on structure of your pdf. If you have the same structure in all pdf files. It will work. The elements, that i want to extract are Inovice reciever and invoice number with customer number and the sum. They are written in German languag, but important is the structure of the flowchart.
with best regards
Example_3_PDF.xaml (35.4 KB)

Yea agree, you are correct, the elements from which you want to extract data need to have the same structure in all pdf files, if not scripts may fail. Did you get chance work with abbyy ocr, there we may leverage the slight structural changes in pdf. Another solution i’m thinking of is capture entire data on pdf and parse the same as per requirement, hope this helps. Above script of not any use without looking at pdf structure, if possible pls share pdfs for which above script is. best regards