Opening links on webpage with dynamic selectors

I have a webpage that I need to access each link, if it is queued up in the process. Meaning, there could be no links, or there could be any number of links. Each named the same, with different IDs. How do I cycle through each one if they are there? In this case there are 3 I am interested in. I did a For Each and used a dynamic selector with a wild card for the aaname, since each is different. I then put a message box so I could see it go to each link by clicking OK to proceed.

Just not sure where to take it next. I am missing something obvious.

Any thoughts?



Hi @Ed_Puente

Set a counter as 0 and use while loop to iterate based on that use get attribute and in selector property set the intvar based on idx and use click along with intvar selector and incrementing the counter by1

Check this hope it suits the scenario well

Hi @Ed_Puente

Can you use data scraping and get those program name into a datatable from the web page first?

You will be able to see how many links are available (from datatable) with or without some validation to get the links that you are interest and need to click on, or simply no rows in datatable, go to end process.

Then see how the selectors for each links, it might be simple just increase the index number in the selectors to click on the next link during for each activity, or other attributes in the selectors that can help you only click on the links you are after.

Help it helps and give you some idea how to resolve this.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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