Opening files in sequence from a list in an Excel file

Hello all,

I think the solution to my problem might be obvious for some of you, but I just can’t get my head around:sweat_smile:

So, I have a list of files name in an Excel File (cell A1, A2, A3, etc.) and I would like the robot to:

  1. Open the file (word documents);
  2. Modify something in the file;
  3. Close the file;
  4. Open the next file on the list in the Excel file

So far, i’m able to get to step 3. but I just can’t find a way to assign the next cell in Excel as a variable in order to make the loop work by itself.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Hi @SupaMax1212, your process sequence is fine. What we need here is to read the Excel file as Data Table and loop through each rows doing your process.

  1. Read the excel file as Data Table
  2. Loop through the Data Table
    3. Open the file
    5. Close the file

Cheers. Hope this helps.:slight_smile:

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