Opening Excel from Sharepoint requires Email login

I want to open an Excel file which is stored in Sharepoint. My workflow to do this looks like this:

Pretty standard I guess, the “Use Excel File” activity is marked as read only.
So this process does in theory work, but one problem I have is that the first time any robot opens the excel file it asks to sign in:

When using this locally, I can just manually input my Email and the process will work and it even stops asking for the Sign In from that point onwards. My Problem is that if this pops up on an unattended robot I would need to automatically fill out the Email Information in the case the window pops up. This does not work as the process is stuck at the “Use Excel File” Activity. This means I cant use anything like “if element exists” - because the workflow is stuck. It would stay in this state infinitely.

One solution I came up with was something like using the “Parallel” activity and have an “element exists” with a “type into” with a Delay to input the email itself in the Sign in Popup, but it doesn’t work as the workflow just stops at “Use Excel File” and the other parallel side stops doing anything.

Do you have any additional ideas?
Thanks in advance.

Hello, you can use a Check App State activity to see if the Email message box appears, if it does have a Type Into activity, nothing in the Else, and just proceed with the program.



The order of parallel matters…try adding the steps for checking on the left and use excel on the right…and also try increasing the delay or add the check in a loop…and condition of parallel should be true for use excel side