Opening Apps in Remote Desktop using CV

I am trying to open applications on my remote desktop and when I click to “Indicate on screen” I get this error…What does it mean?

We can open that application by using SEND HOT HEY ACTIVITY with key as win+r
—then use a type into activity (no need to select any element just a type into activity) where mention the .exe file of that application
—then followed by that use another send hot key activity with key as enter

It’s more like how we open a application without using mouse and only using keyboard

Hope this would help you
Cheers @Donna_Roberts

Thanks that worked.

If I want to open applications that are on the desktop when in a CV screen scope, why can’t I just double click on the icons? Do I have to use Hot Keys to open my applications?

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Clicking on icon is not a good option buddy
Because if the image of icon changes slightly it won’t click or if it is choosable as element it’s fine
But as you say you are moving to CV platform it might error out that’s why suggested hot keys which is always a reliable one
Or we can even use OPEN APPLICATION activity

Cheers @Donna_Roberts

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I am still struggling with opening applications n the remote desktop using Computer vision… I tried the hot keys, but it opens the run line on my local although I have it in my CV Screen Scope?.. Not sure how to use Open Application activity, Is Start Process Activity an option?

Nevermind….I have worked through it and figured it out.

How did you get yours to work? What was the process please?