Opening an excel sheet without using excel application scope

Hi Team,

I want to perfrom these steps:

  1. Open excel sheet stored at path say “C:\Users\username\Documents\UiPath\excelFolder\abc.xlsm”
  2. Select the required sheet say “Test Data”
  3. Using hot keys clear the sheet except the header

Condition: Excel application scope I cannot use as there are lots of issues coming up due this activity.

If there is any other way to clear the sheet do let me know.

PS : I tried using start process and open application but unable to open the required sheet.

Priyanka Yadav

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Try this it may help you

  1. use start process activity to open your required excel
  2. send hot key F5
  3. TypeInto/settext A2
  4. send hot key ctrl+shift+down
  5. send hot key ctrl+shit+right
  6. send hot key del
  7. send hot key ctrl+S
  8. send hot key alt+F4 or kill process

Pathrudu Chintakayala

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Thanks for the reply.
As you are using F5 and A2.
Is there any way I can set the sheet name.

sorry i forgot about that requirement.

if you sheet indexes are fixed try sending hot keys to change your sheet ctrl+pagedown and ctrl+pageup to change your sheets

Simply on desktop, send hotkey Win+R, There give absolute path of excel file… Voila!!! You are there…

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I think I got the resolution.
Thanks a lot for the quick resolution.

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Thanks Amit. Make sense :slight_smile:

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@priyanka.yadav18 did you got the alternate way if so please share the process

This is one more way if you have no other way( but you have)

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@vvaidya what activities did you used as i am getting error : Activities could not be loaded as those activities are missing please share me the name so that i will update my studio.


Invoke Code.

i cannot update as my version is 2016. cool