Opening Action Center web page returns 401.3

Action center does not open with HTTP Error 401.3.

From what I have researched from my end, you might need to perform the below recommendations in order to fix this issue.

  1. Open IIS and click on Local Host dropdown
  2. Click on the dropdown for Sites
  3. You should be able to see Action Center under sites
  4. Right-click on Action Center and click on edit permissions
  5. Open Security Tab from the Pop-up
  6. Click on Edit and Add
  7. Click on Advanced from the Pop-up
  8. Click on Find Now on the Window and you should be able to see the Search Results.
  9. Scroll all the way down and add Users group
  10. Click Ok on that window and on the window where you have clicked Advanced.
  11. Provide Full control to the Users.
  12. Follow the same steps until 9 and search for IIS_IUSRS this time and add the group by providing full control.

Below I have attached a Single Window Screenshot which contains all the Window Pop-ups mentioned above. Please note that I have taken Orchestrator as my reference here in these screenshots and not Action Center.