Opening a txt file and doing a save as in notepad

Trying to record an option to Open a Notepad file and save the encoding as UTF-8 file.

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Hey Bill_Getz, welcome to the Community!

When you use a ‘Write Text File’ activity, you can specify in the ‘Properties’ pane the encoding you would like to use.

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—to open a notepad file we can use start process where pass the file path of notepad file as input which will open the notepad file
—but if we want to read the notepad or write any notepad then we have specific activities like
READ TEXT FILE activity and WRITE TEXT FILE activity

—where in Read text file activity we got a specific property to mention our encoding style and that property is Encoding
Where we can mention as “UTF-8”
—same applies to write text file activity

Simple isn’t it
Hope this would help you
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Bill_Getz

Thanks for the help. This is an existing txt/csv file though. When I write to it removes the existing data when I add text to it. How to do a save as and make it UTF-8?