Opening a .otf file without using Outlook

I am trying to send an email at the end of my process, that uses a fixed Outlook template. The file format is a standard Outlook .otf file, that contains some standard text and the company signature (including a logo).
The reason for using the template, is that the business somtimes edits the standard replys or even the signature, and would like to have all templates saved in one please that is easy to find.

The problem we have run into, is that we can only open the otf file in Outlook, meaning the final step of the process will have to be a step where the process uses mouse clicks or hotkeys to send the email, a step we would prefere is completly automated, like the send Exchange mail activity. This activity supports adding and HTML body, that could be used, but that means everytime a change has been made to the template, we will have to open Outlook and save it as an HTML file.
Is there any way to use the otf file directly, is there another activity we have missed ?

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In general OFT is similar as MSG format, only the class storage GUID is different
So we would expect that read mail from filesystem would work

Read email maybe, but we are trying to send the email, using a oft file. Is there a specific activity you would suggest we could try ?

Hi there @NielsOlsen
Exactly same problem here. Did you find a solution for it? Can’t think of anything other than automating clicks and types into, which is not ideal obviously.


Hello everyone,

Quite interested myself in finding if there’s an efficient way to use otf files without a clic by clic automation :slight_smile: