Opening a file with spaces and variable parts


I am trying to open an excel file with spaces and a variable part.

Example: file named “Money Report 07232019.xlsx”

I am using “Open Application” and under the argument I’m using:

“”“Money Report “”” + strDate + “.xlsx”

where strDate is a variable that gives the current date (MMddyyyy).

Problem: When I run this, UIPath tries to open an excel doc named “Money Report .xlsx” and then another excel doc named “07232019”.

What can I do to make sure UIPath doesn’t try to open two separate docs (that, of course, don’t exist)?


can you try “Money Report “+strDate+”.xlsx”

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As @MuralidharVankamaddi said, you should be able to concatenate your strings without the extra set of quotation marks. I’ve tried this on my machine and it is working as expected.


When I do that, UIPath tries to open a document for “Money”, for “Report”, and for the date.

Are you using the Excel Application Scope activity?

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can you share the screenshot of the Excel application Scope with properties ?

or the workflow?

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I was not. Thank you so much for your help!!!

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I wasn’t using Excel application Scope. Thanks for your help!

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