Opening a file based on the Queue Item's reference


I have extracted all files into Orchestrator based on their file names (reference is Path.GetFilename(item.ToString)) within the Init State. I am now trying to open these files in the Process State and I’m struggling to get the reference in properly.

In a previous project I created I had a set reference for “adding work item to queue” (ref: row(“WID”).ToString) as I was creating it from a data table, so was able to use the following to get it into a variable which was able to be used in the process (in_TransactionItem.SpecificContent(“WID”).ToString).

Is there a way to get UiPath to just get the unique reference field from orchestrator as a string, am I over complicating this?

There is a global variable of TransactionItem from Init State which is being used for in_TransactionItem within the Process State. I have the created an argument in the process workflow called QueueItem which a string working on in_TransactionItem.ToString. When I ask it to print QueueItem in a log file I get: UiPath.Core.QueueItem.

Thanks in advance



Now I feel stupid!

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