OpenCVSharp DllNotFoundException on UiPath

I’m working on a automation project where I want to work with OpenCvSharp inside UiPath. My objective is to create a custom activity that will do some image treatment and text recognition.

First of all, I’ve developped the custom activity called “Custom open CV program”. I’ve built and created the nuget package as its explained on the Creating a Custom Activity documentation.

At this point I got an error with “OpenCvSharp.NativeMethods”, the OpenCvSharpExtern DLL hasn’t been found during the initialisation.

I tryed to figured it out by switching version from OpenCvSharp4 to OpenCvSharp3 (depreciated). That worked on a VisualStudio console application, but not with my custom nuget package.

Then I tryed to test with invoke code (No argument, language: CSharp) :
Mat img = Cv2.ImRead("C:\\Users\\Damien\\Documents\\UiPath\\ImageRecProject\\testImage.jpg");

When I’m lauching the code, I’m facing the same dll not found exception :

Do you have any idea about how I can fix that issue? thanks by advance.