OpenApplication: Method not found error

Hi guys,

Just want to share some bug I found for this activity - OpenApplication. I am not able to open any Application including Internet Explorer.
Remark : Studio ver 2019.10.1

OpenApplication: Method not found: ‘UiPath.UiNode UiPath.IUiSystem.StartInteractiveApplication(System.String, System.String, System.String)’.


UiPath dependencies version - 20.4.7391.34509

But when I downgraded the version to 19.10.7312.25504, it automatically resolved the issue. Is there a bug with the latest version or not compatible with my studio version?


Hello Ahmad,

Referring to the below screenshot (Manage Packages window), Please note that the UiPath.nupkg (SDK package) is a dependency for UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities and it is installed\resolved automatically when the UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities is installed.

Also, each version of UIAutomation package has it’s own internal dependent version on UiPath.nupkg that can be referred from the above screenshot and .nuspec file of UIAutomation package that resides in %userprofile%.nuget\packages\uipath.uiautomation.activities\{Version}\uipath.uiautomation.activities.nuspec. Hence, we needn’t install the package as a separate dependency to the project.

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Hi @Dominic, thank you for your answer.

Turned out I am using UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities ver 19.11.2. But based on your answer, I noticed if I update to pre-release version 20.4.0-beta.866690, then update UiPath dependencies to version - 20.4.7391.34509, it does work!

In other words, I have to update all to latest version eventhough it is pre-release or stick to old/stable version first?

Current package:

New package:

As mentioned before, you needn’t update the UiPath package separately. As you could see, it does work after you update the UIA package to the compatible version for UiPath SDK.

Regarding the version to be used, it is always recommended to use stable version (i.e version that doesn’t contain words like preview, alpha, beta, ce) for the projects which will be moved into production. For testing any new feature, you can use the preview versions.

PLMK if you have any questions.

Hi Dominic,

Understood on your point.
Thank you so much!

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