Open word, pdf and excel files in the same process

Hi, Guys! So I am facing the real problem here. I would appreciate if you could help. I have a folder in which there are many pdf, excel and word files. I want To open all of them one by one and save them. Is it possible to automate this task with one Process? I guess if i automate word, it won’t work on pdf and excel files, because of the attach window. Have you any suggestion?

Hi @KotaroKo

I suppose you are trying to open each file and save them in a different location is it?

If so, you can do it without opening the file. You can directly use the Move File activity to move the file to the new location. or else you can use the Copy File activity to save a copy in the new location…

Is this what you want to do? :thinking:


Hi. Not exactly. I want to change the date of all the files. That’s why I want to open and save them, so the date is changed. I want to save them in the same location with the same name (replacing files)

Change date means the modified date correct? :thinking:

If so, you can still do it with the move file activity… We can have the source and destination as the same so it will overwrite the file there and it will update the modified date :slight_smile:


Yes, the modified date. It’s a brilliant Idea! Thank you so so much! You saved me!

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no worries my friend :smiley:
Always here to help!!

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