Open the specific sheet from the excel

Tried with this also, Now in the initial excel open with Test sheet. But again it come back to the Sheet1 only.

here you go (17.1 KB)

kindly mention your filepath and sheetname
hope this would help you
Cheers @balkishan


In the code i provided it should not open the excel file . It will do the work in background.
“excel.Visible = False” is proper right?

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Thanks Palani, But similar sol provided. It open the test sheet, but after 2-3 sec again it show the default Sheet1 only.

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It’s Visible is true only

change true to false

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but it was working fine for me
excel.Visible = True

it was opening the exact sheet we need and the application is still open and has not closed


1 Like @Palaniyappan It open with Test sheet, but when Send Hotekey start working then it show the Sheet1 only.

may i know how the send hot key activity is placed if possible may be a screenshot
Cheers @balkishan

can you send your workflow.

its work for me.

Hi @Bhargavi_Lokapur,

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hello sir… i have one concatenate formula… when i write this formula in write cell it give error.
Formula is =CONCATENATE(D2," “,“INV NO”,”-“,E2,” “,D3,” “,“INV NO”,”-“,E3,” “,D4,” “,“INV NO”,”-“,E4,” “,D5,” “,“INV NO”,”-",E5)
error is ; is expected. name INV could not be found. operator '- ’ can not be applied to operands of type “string”