Open the saved pdf attachment

Can anyone please help me in telling how to open the saved pdf (downloaded from mail), and open it and process.

Thanks in advance.

Not sure what you want to do with it but to open it you can use the open application activity and just use the file name property.

After opening I need to convert that pdf to excel.

Ah what pdf viewers do you have, I know nitro has its own function for that?

You can extract the text in Uipath using activities in this package: image

From here you can use string manipulation to put into a datatable and then use write range to get it into an excel file

Hi Sushmitha,

Can you explain more in detail where you are facing the issue (i.e.) If you want the bot to download pdf from an email and the open it or you already have a location where all the pdf are already downloaded and you need to just open the files and convert excel.

Either ways bot can perform the action.


Yeah @ashoks93, my issue is that am using the invoke method to open the PDF and convert into the excel.

There am getting the filepath location error of the pdf (downloaded from mail) . Please look into the attached my xaml .
8130-3_RK_2.pdf (32.5 KB)
ConvertPDF - Explorer.xaml (52.5 KB)


I’m not completely sure of some stuff in .xaml but it looks like you’re IE as pdf viewer so i’ve added an open browser activity, all you should need to do is add as a variavle the file path in the url field.ConvertPDF - Explorer.xaml (54.4 KB)