Open the project file from recent not working


Hi All,

I want to ask about open the project file from recent (start -> recent).
Usually when i’m still in 18.2.3 i can open it successfuly.
Since im update to 18.3.1 it can’t open the project.
All the activites only left blank. (see the screenshot)

is it because the new version or im somewhat not configure properly.

Thank you

Best Rgrds



Try to open in latest version… 2018.4


Just restart studio


HI @Akhil , @rahatadi

I think changes to the latest version is not an option for now because i need to reconfigure the users laptop and need approval from my direct superior.
in the worst case maybe i will try to changes into the latest version, in the meantime can you explain to me how this error occurs or somebody encounter the same error as mine and how to solve the error as well.

Thanks in advance.

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please upload below file in

Layout.xml (4.3 KB)