Open select PDF file within a onedrive folder

I have PDF files that are named XYZ-MMM-YY (where MMM is the three letter abbreviation for the month and YY is the last two digits of the year) These are stored in OneDrive. I am trying to open the most recent file, which may not be the current month, and extract data from it to store in excel. Appreciate any help with how to get the correct file opened. I think I can do the extract easy enough. Thank you

HI @gneumeister

you can use this code to get the newest file from directory. It could help you.
Video: UiPath | Get Newest File from Directory | How to get the newest file from a directory | C# Code - YouTube

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Hi @gneumeister

Step 1: Filter and click on the StudioX

Step 2: Search For each file

Step 3: Use this to take the latest one

Hope this will help you