Open outlook mail items

Dear Experts,
What is best way to open each outlook mails on foreground as below?

Expected steps

  1. Search for certain folder in outlook
  2. Open a mail item
  3. Do something in opened mail window.
  4. Move the mail to another folder
  5. Open next mail item
  6. Repeat step 2~5


Why you want to open the mail ? Is it necessary to open the mail ?

If not then do follow below steps:

  1. Use Get outlook mail message activity and read mails from required folder and will give output as list of mail Messages.

  2. use For Each loop to iterate that list of messages and then use Move Outlook Mail Message activity to move the mails to other folder.

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Thanks for input.
The reason why I want to open the mail is to do something.
For example.
click Report Spam or set Follow up - Tomorrow and so on.

Could you please check if it is possible?

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Could you see if you get any selectors on each mail message? Or if you can scrape the mail messages list?

Buddy you can the mail message list as a output from get outlook mail activity itself buddy

Unfortunately, i can’t find selectors on each mail items and not able to scrape the mail messages.

I know but I should do some activities after open mail window.
Any idea for it?

@jgh1buy If you need to mark a flag in any particular mail or prioritize then you can do that using custom code in C# or
This is the library which you can use Mail Kit Library
Hope it helps.


do u have any .xaml file to understand the same ? it will be helpful

The main action by opening we need to check the attachment , body , mail received date . We need to search the alphanumeric number in there in subject body and attachment any place if it macthes that will work .
Any .xaml code for the same will help