Open Outlook Email, Open PDF/(s), read information, input information into online database, then copy outputted number into returning email

I am working on project to do the following:

  1. Open In-Bound Outlook Email (secondary mail box on outlook) with PDF attachment/(s)
  2. Open Attachment
  3. Read Data off attachment to transfer to online database where information from PDF is inputted
  4. Get Return number that database provides from inputted data
  5. Email returned number back to original sender of PDF

Anything related to these tasks would be so helpful!

  • I am having trouble with figuring out how to effectively open pdfs from the email to read data ?
    -Also having trouble with how to make it standard process, not just for one specific email/pdf ?

Use Save Attachments activity to save attachment to local, then open it

Where should I save the attachments for it to be standardized and not specific to my computer?

Also, how do I open the last saved document?

Please refer this link