Open outlook email, Open attached Txt file, Read Data in text file and copy data to Excel

Hi All,

I am very new ti UIpath. I need to open a text attachment in outlook email which is scheduled daily. Read the data from text file and write the data to a excel file.

This email is a scheduled email which comes in daily, so data need to be written into excel on a daily basis. For example data from feb 3 email attachment need to written under feb 3 under excel and so on.

Sample text file and excel.

Kindly provide ideas and examples.

Thanks in advance.


Hi All,

Can anyone help?

Hi @ram_ch

See these



Hi @ram_ch Attachement
2.Read text file
3.Use Extract Structured data activity for this input is string and output is data table

hope it will help

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Can someone kindly provide example file?

Anyone can please help?

Hi @ram_ch,

Please find the attached workflow which i have created as per the mentioned problem.

And do update your emailID in the variable “emailAddress”. (1.9 MB)

Let me know if you have any query.