Open ost file in outlook 2016

I have 43 gb ost file and when I was try to opening ost file in Outlook 2016, but ost file did not work to open in outlook 2016.

Can anyone advise me “how to open ost in outlook 2016”?

I could be wrong, but I believe the .ost is tied to your Outlook profile that is used to store all your inbox and settings data. So, shouldn’t you already have your profile tied to that file?

If not, you can go to File > Account Settings > Data Files, then verify that the .ost file is the correct one or use the Add.

Still, that’s impressive to have a 43gb outlook file and it not be corrupt yet, lol. You might want to split it up into smaller files maybe.

As for your question, I’m not sure, but I hope I helped a little.

it is exchange offline .ost file… I have already used follow as your suggestion. Can I convert .ost file to .pst format?.. After then import into Outlook 2016.

I followed this method:

I’m not sure if you can convert it, but one thing you could try is find out where the .ost file is located which is tied to your outlook profile in Account Settings. Then, rename the current one and replace it with your 43GB one using same name. When you reload Outlook it should use the data from that .ost file… I think.

Once you have loaded your profile with that .ost file, then you can use the Archive option (File > Cleanup) to create a .pst file to store your old emails and stuff.