Open Image file dynamically , read the image text and close image file

Hi ,
I am looking for a way to open an image file , read the text displayed on the image and close the image file.
I am able to open an image file using “Start Process Activity”.
How can I use Uipath to read this image on runtime ? after after reading the image I want to close this file.

Hi @rinki,

Use Get OCR Text activity to read the data on the image and Close application is the another activity you need to use to close the file.

Try and let me know if you have any issues :).

You can try this if need @rinki -

Load image using load image activity.
Get the output (an image variable)
Use Google OCR or Microsoft OCR engines to extract the data in the image by passing the image variable in these OCR engines…

Hope this might help you .
Thank you

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_Test.xaml (14.4 KB)

Please Refer this workflow.

you can use the Abby OCR also. just add on to above

I am able to open image and get its text using Google OCR activity.
However I am not getting accurate data present on image.
Is there any other approach to read text in image.

@rinki - You are required to choose the most suitable OCR depending upon the img data to be fetched.
So if possible please attach the image file.

Hi @Suman7 ,
For example I want to read the attached form.
Currently when I try google/microsoft OCR I am not getting the exact text in the form.

@rinki - I am able to fetch data correctly using Google OCR.
Make sure the image is opening with the same resolution as it was during indicating on screen.

Hi, I just use Get OCR Text, but the result is weird

“message”: "fité‘éii 139% ‘\r\ngm _ » " 1’ ““VZE‘EEE Tr”,
“level”: “Verbose”,
“logType”: “User”,
“timeStamp”: “18:01:00”,
“processVersion”: “1.0.7003.30960”,
“fileName”: “Main”,
“jobId”: “4786c6bf-c756-493f-a5da-557ee7dc1c7e”,

Getting the following error when I try ABBYY:

“Abbyy OCR: Error performing OCR: AbbyyErrorLoadEngine”

Works with Google OCR. Any idea why?


You need to purchase the Abby’s OCR functionality that’s the reason it is not working. Where as Google and Microsoft OCR’s are free.