Open FTP Session – with Explicit TLS

We are trying to connect to an FTP site with the Open FTP Session activity in Studio. We are able to connect to our internal FTP test site, but when we try to connect to the actual production FTP site we are running into problems.

The External FTP site requires Explicit TLS. We have tried to check the secure FTP option, but since it is not an SFTP we do not have a Key File / Pass Phrase. When we try to connect we get the message “Have to use explicit SSL/TLS before logging on”.

Does UiPath support FTPS / Explicit TLS? Anyone have tips on how to make it work, or any good alternatives for automating file transfer on FTP?



I was not able to get UiPath FTP activities to connect with Explicit TLS. My solution was to use WinSCP, and create scripts that can be run from UiPath.

With WinSCP it is fairly simple to create scripts, and I just run them with a command in cmd (from uipath). This solution works, but requires more work. If anyone knows how to use the FTP activities with Explicit TLS - please post here.

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