Open Forum with UiPath MVPs session #1

Open Forum session 1

Hey #UiPathCommunity!

:loudspeaker: We are kick-starting a new type of conversation on the most wanted topics:
Open Forum with UiPath MVPs sessions!

:rocket: Join the first chat on 2020-05-15T12:30:00Z
With whom? @Lahiru.Fernando @Syed_Pasha, moderated by @loginerror and @Pablito :raised_hands:

Your robots are as smart as you, are you tracking them well?
Robots Management and Monitoring Session

@Syed_Pasha on

  • How to track your robots
  • Robot Utilization

@Lahiru.Fernando on Orchestrator features:

  • Folders and Environments
  • Usage of Queues/ Queue Triggers
  • Version management of processes
  • Processes and executions (Jobs)

:red_circle: Recording from the Web Session Available HERE

:page_facing_up: Answers for the unaswered questions from session HERE


Hi Luiza,

due to our company security policy we are not allowed to use Zoom. Is there an alternative to attend this interesting session?

Thank you for your answer!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards

Bernd Baumgartner
Group IT / Services / Software Development (Dev2)



Such a Wonderful Initiative.

Looking forward to Join :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hello Bernd! Sorry to hear
Thanks for the insight! We use Zoom for all our company’s (community) digital events. I will look into other ways / platforms for the next ones together with our MVPs
My suggestion specifically for this one would be to join via a personal zoom account, would that be a possibility? :thinking:

We will recorded and share fyi … :slight_smile:


hi @Bernd.Baumgartner,

You do not necessarily to have an Zoom account. You can Visit the below Url and Keyin the Zoom ID and you should be able to Join



Hi @Bernd.Baumgartner
Agreed and also know , there are some security layers announced that Zoom is a vulnerable software, if you still cannot use or access (your company) even via Web browser

i hope use your personal network (your own phone) will be a good solution :sunglasses: :grinning:


Hi …
so nice to see u in mvp session @Lahiru.Fernando @Syed_Pasha
we are waiting … :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :cowboy_hat_face: :sunglasses: :partying_face: :partying_face: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


Hi will the MVP session be recorded and made available afterwards?


hello! @sbell79 yes, it will be shared here! :slight_smile:


This is great! :smiley:


Such an inspiring initiative.

Nice to see @Lahiru.Fernando in this session


Hello Everybody!
I would like again say thank you all for joining the first UiPath MVP Session. At the very bottom of the first post you can now see the link to session recording :slight_smile: or you can click HERE

Don’t worry we remember about questions which are left to answer. The list with answers will be soon. Stay tuned. Happy Automation :rocket:


Answers for the unaswered questions from the session with MVPs.

Answers are made by @loginerror and @Pablito

  • If I have a process that all UI interaction is done with background methods, except for one click. Is it a good practice to make it background and use UseForeground activity for that click?

    Yes, it would be the best way to approach this scenario. For anyone who is not aware, Use Foreground moves the current background process into the foreground, executing all the activities it contains. After the execution is complete, the process is moved back into the background.
    You can read more about it here:

  • Why can’t we run background processes on Unattended Robots?

    It is actually possible. Please reference our documentation here:
    Please note that a Background Process runs in Session 0 when started from Orchestrator on an Unattended Robot.

  • Can we use Streaming API in Uipath

    I don’t think there is a native support for Streaming API in any of our currently available activities. I also did not find any custom ones made on our Marketplace. As such, there is a potential to develop something nice and share it with our community :slight_smile:

  • How to make sure the versions of the dependencies used in the project are in sync at all 3 places -

    Studio, Robot (installed on 2nd machine) and Orchestrator (installed on 3rd machine)?
    One of the way (and it’s actually a good practise) is to make sure that all three components are working at same version. Studio and Robot installed from same package will always have the same version. Regarding Orchestrator it’s worth to check compatibility matrix here:
    Other way to make sure that Orchestrator and Studio/Robot are configured for the same feed. More info here:

  • Could you please suggest me a solution for having reporting database for robot logs remembering there is a maintenance in production database(monthly deletion of logs table)?

    Each database (in terms of MS SQL) have possibility to work in clusters or other backup solutions. We can’t suggest what is the best approach as it depends on particular environment and it’s configuration. Some customers will choose Azure solution where they can keep database backup and log toghether. Some customers will choose SQL servers clustering. Some will choose keeping a backup in log files divided by event/date/machine/robot etc. There is many ways and each way is good for its purpose.

  • I have a question on how to measure the utilization of the bots Incase of continuously running bot

    Apart from watching the Robot status in Orchestrator a good practice is to use Log Message activities at each cucial automation step so it will be easier to monitor where exatly robot is performing its task.
    You could use additionally Report Status activity at each step where you can define messege which will be displayed in Assistant tray in the moment when automation will reach this activity.

  • How to assign User role? What is the use of web credentials?

    I’m not sure if I correctly understand the question. But if it’s about Human in the Loop then there is a bunch of ways how to user role can be used. One of it is using Orchestration Process temple for process development where additional package UiPath.Persistence.Activities is being installed. This package allows to include human role in the process and then use it during automation.

  • Can we make use of multiple bot in a project?

    Yes it is possible. For example you could make an Long Running Process where your automation will work based on response/output from other robots. So it will work like connected vessels system. All depends on what is the main goal of the project/automation.