Open Form Designer Error: This program is blocked by group policy

When I tried to use the Create Form activity I clicked to Open Form Designer and got the error: “This program is blocked by group policy.”

What program is this trying to open? Would resolving this issue be as simple as whitelisting an .exe file for the form designer? I can’t seem to find what program it is trying to open.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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@Rachel_Stewart Have you Checked this post :

Encountered a similar issue as well. Appreciate any advice from gurus out there on which kind of group policy setting might be causing this issue.

On my work issued laptop that has been “locked down” with the inclusion of McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention (HIP), the policy implemented is (Sig Id = 7020) Attack Type: “Prevent unexpected DLL files from running in User AppData and ProgramData folders”. So far I have documented the following UiPath related applications that do not properly run because of this blocking:

UiExplorer.exe (for which only the </> Desktop is visible)

In order for UiPath’s dependency and versioning to operate, these files are specifically being placed in the Users area to allow for multiple versions of them to align with the versions used in your Bots. It is a specific design implementation from Uipath.

The solution for this circumstance is that within the McAfee HIP application the programs need to be added to the whitelist. Note that the message indicates DLLs, but the solution is to whitelist the EXEs which is why I am listing them.

The above may not be a complete list, it’s just what I have on my laptop, and the actual folder path locations will vary because of three variables, %USERNAME%, {UiPathPackageName} and {UiPathProjectVersion}, so the whitelist rule needs to accommodate future variations otherwise on upgrades it will be blocked again. Example, the path for the UiExplorer.exe resembles this:


Best option to know what executables will fail is to go to your C:\Users\%USERNAME%\.nuget\packages folder and search for *.exe

That will be your list and locations to have whitelisted for all functionality to be available.

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