Open folder and sub folder to select single format type of files

i want to open folder and there are multiple Sub Folder.
I want to open each sub folder and want to extract .pdf folder type into one folder.
I applied this method activity.
but not getting the desired output.
please let me know the correct steps.

Main.xaml (14.5 KB)


Hi @office_work
Can Try This

It Helps!

where should i use this activity.?


Can you try to use GetFiles instead of GetDirectory as the following?

Main(1).xaml (13.5 KB)


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@office_work (1.9 KB)

Check The Xaml File


Thanks @Dinesh_Guptil
Thanks @Yoichi

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Here i am using “*.xlsx” then it is not picking up the excel files.
please let me know why?

Make Sure You Have Excel files in the folder