Open file with


I wanted to see if someone could help me select the correct activities to:

Open a .mhtm on my desktop with Word

Save the file as a PDF

Any help and direction would be greatly appreciated.



as mhtm is particular web page file give a try on following:

open it in browser (e.g. IE, Edge)
print it to PDF

ok that’s a good idea.

Do you know how I can pass a variable into the browser name?

FileName is the variable used to save the .mhtml file.

Assign - BrowserName = “C:\Users\Tim\Desktop”+ FileName +".mhtml"

I get implicit conversion errors when passing into the Open Browser activity.




Pass the above value as input to filepath of Start Process activity and it will automatically open in a browser page
Like how we use to open it manually

Then use a send hot key activity and try with keys ctrl+p for print option and then another hot key activity with enter as key

Cheers @timothy.mullady