Open file, read sheet titled report, move if it contains the word new


I have a folder that contains excel files that have different named sheets. I need to read sheets that are named Report then move them if they contain the word new in the second row. Attached is my workflow and example excel file.Example.xlsx (18.9 KB) Sequence.xaml (14.3 KB)

@sparkplug93 you are almost there! Uncheck the “AddHeaders” property for the Read Range activity and then change the range from nothing to a2 with a merged cell you can find the value by looking at the first cell in the merged cell. Your value can be called by using DataOutput(0)(0).tostring



After read range… use read cell activity to read cell value…then use If condition to check cell value contains NEW …then use move file activity.

I’m getting an error in move file now. But it is passing through the correct sheets

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