Open Dialog Path not completely set when Whitespaces - TypeInto activity

The Open Dialog Path is not completely set when using Whitespaces in the Path.

So let’s say I have a Open Dialog like this. And I want to set the Path in the URL bar there.


My Path is: “C:\Users\xxx\Bonava\RPA implementation - Dokumente\General\Process files (Robot)\Robot process data DEV\SCANUC\test

I set this path in my TypeInto activity.


But finally in the Open Dialog it is starting after the first Whitespace as you can see. It does not matter how long the path is. I have no idea. With a path without whitespace it works.


Someone has an idea?

Hi @kwoxer

You can use Open Application Activity by open windows explorer and put your path in Arguments.

I hope It can help.

I have to upload a file to an Executable. So Windows Explorer is no solution. =)

But thanks for the idea.

Can you try with set WaitForReady to Complete or using SimulateType or set your path to clipboard and use by send hotkey?

Nop nothing of these helped.

But I was able to solve it with another Click activity that I directly use before this activity. Somehow with this one the missing text of the string is now correctly written into the path bar.

It seems that without giving the actual focus it’s not activated correctly in the Windows file path dialog. Strange behaviour but fine for me.

So for me that’s fine and a solution.

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