Open code in Uipath studioX

Hello I want to know if anyone have this message. Customer try to open codes in studioX and they have this issue

Also they can´t see the differents bots they have in the UiPath assistance program, the license ends at april 14 and the bots excecute but they cannot open de programs and see the bots in the UiPath assistance tool


Studio codes cannot be opening using studio X …so this is a valid error its throwing

What license do they have? and are they using sign in to connect to orchestrator or Machine key?


I would agree, the user is trying to open a project developed in Studio using C# which shouldn’t be compatible with the StudioX profile. Regarding the automations available in UiPath Assistant, would you be able to share more details regarding the license and what automations they’re expecting to see?

thanks, now customer want to know if there is any chance to have studio and studio X in the same machine


If you have a studio/Attended user or developer license then you can switch the license between studio and studioX


thanks and about the desktop app is there any chance to change between studio and studio X, because as you saw they have the studio X but they want to know if the need to install the studio app or they can switch in the desktop app


This is in the desktop app itself…but if they have only studiox they cant switch…

If they have a studio or related license then they can switch between prodile

To do that go to settings → profile and licenses → change profile → studio or studiox can be selected



thanks, in case the customer want to unistall studio X and install studio. Is they are going to loose all the bots and deployments? if this is true how can the avoid this?


Removing studio or studio x will not remove the bots or code…which ever are published to orchestrator will again be available to run as is after re installation…

And while uninstalling just dont delete the UiPath files files the projects created generally they are created in documents folder under UiPath folder in it…To be more sure you can take a back up of those as well…

And if they have deployed their packages only to local they can redeploy or republish as well even if removed…or even those packages can be backed up

Hope this helps


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