Open Browser on an existing tab - going through a loop

Hi, this is Oracle application, I ran it on Internet Explorer to run a report. When the report runs a different window opens. Once the report is done running, I want to go back to the original window. If I use Open Browser, a new tab opens which is ok as I can close all of them at the end but the Selector is not working.
So now I’m thinking if I can go back to the original tab, it might resolve the issue. Any suggestions how to go back to the original tab?


Hello and good afternoon,

If a new tab is being opened in internet explorer, a close tab activity could be used after your first report has finished. This could be followed by an attach browser activity to set the scope back to the first tab in internet explorer.

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Hello MonicaJain.

In the same scenario, I use Uipath.Core.Activities.WindowsScope to go to the IE initial windows.