Open browser not working after upgrading Office: Cannot communicate with IE


I’m developing a workflow to open IE browser and log in to a website… While developing the workflow, I have upgrade my office 2013 to office 2016. Then, I keep getting an error ”Cannot communicate with Internet Explorer browser” on the Open Browser activity on the workflow.


I have registered oleacc.dll in windows registry, following the UiPath instruction: Internet Explorer x64 Troubleshooting.

After registering aleacc.dll, I no longer get the ”Cannot communicate with Internet Explorer browser” error on the Open Browser activity. However, I got another error stating “Cannot find UI Element” on the Click activity within the Open Browser activity.

I’m sure that the selector for the Click activity is correct, because I was able to run the same workflow without any errors, before upgrading my office to 2016. Also, I run the same workflow using my another computer, and I was able to run the workflow without any errors.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Open Browser Issue.xaml (10.9 KB)

Have you tried reinstalling extension?

No, not yet. Can you advise what extensions I should re-install? It appears there are no extensions for IE…