Open browser in the background of automation?

Hello Developers. I need some suggestions. I’m attempting to open a browser, but I need it to open in the background of automation. I need “check out” a file from a sharepoint and once the automation is completed I need to “check it back in” . Also, is there an alternative on choosing a file without having to use the “click” activity? Any suggestions or recommendations will be appreciated.



if you want use ui automation for the cehck in and check out files into your sharepoint you have to go simulate click instead of click(hardware event) so we can run this automation in background.

If you want go background without using any ui automation. in that case we can go with custom activities for share point available in our uipath market place. please refer the below link it might help you on working with the custom activities to automate the sharepoint stuff on background irrespective whether you are usin g cloud or on prem sharepoint. thanks

If the company you work for has restrictions on the use of external libraries, try to study a little the use of sharepoint webservices to perform this and other possible actions. Maybe this URL will help you

There’s no reason to worry about background vs foreground when opening the browser.

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